Simulation Process and Data Management

In the context of ever-increasing product complexity, simulation already plays a key role in improving product performance. However, the capacity for sharing simulation data across the enterprise design is still limited. Connecting simulation to the digital thread is the next big step for engineering teams to unleash the full potential of simulation across the product life cycle.

A different scenario is possible:

  • What if you could exchange cross-team simulation data in real-time via a server-based environment, rather than retrieving files from local workstations with limited traceability?
  • What if you could make automated simulation workflows available to non-experts, standardizing best practices and democratizing access?
  • What if you could seamlessly connect simulation results to other product development data?

Maximizing the ROI of simulation-driven design

Having the right set of tools is not enough to fully implement the digital transformation. ESTECO VOLTA helps organizations embrace the necessary cultural shift. It is designed to encourage more engineers to leverage simulation from the earliest stages of design. It democratizes access to simulation data, enables collaboration across disciplines and empowers smarter management of the product design process from a business perspective. VOLTA is unique because its simulation process and data management capabilities come with state-of-the-art design optimization technology.

1. Manage and collaborate
VOLTA empowers collaboration across engineering teams, allowing you to safely capture, version
and share data in a server-based environment.

2. Integrate and automate
VOLTA’s vendor-neutral framework allows seamless integration with all your CAD and CAE tools, so that you can manage the entire simulation process from a single automated workflow.

3. Explore and Optimize
Engineers, who are not necessarily experts in simulation automation, can execute pre-configured
workflows from a dedicated intuitive interface.

4. Analyze and Visualize
VOLTA helps turn simulation data into actionable insights, democratizing access and enabling collaborative decision-making across the enterprise.

With VOLTA, ESTECO offers an interactive and user-friendly web platform that is able to cumulate smart algorithms, automation process, post processing and interactive data visualization.
Fabien Figueres
Data Project Manager

How VOLTA is different: SPDM platform with state-of-the-art design optimization

Available SPDM solutions tend to have limitations in terms of CAE workflow automation and parametric design optimization. Their deployment is time-consuming, especially when embedded into a PLM ecosystem due to its database-centric nature. VOLTA is different because it provides:

Rapid deployment

Your VOLTA installation is ready to run in hours, not weeks. Hands-on onsite training by ESTECO engineers guarantees swift adoption.

Vendor-neutral SPDM ecosystem with integrated design optimization

Integrate all your CAD/CAE tools into a single automated workflow and make it accessible across the enterprise. Run optimization algorithms without leaving VOLTA.

Server-based environment for seamless global collaboration

Full traceability of simulation data, processes, and user tasks across teams.
An intuitive user experience that enables democratized access to simulation insights.

World-class engineering support

Easy to maintain with top-quality custom support to tackle your specific needs.

Seamless collaboration across engineering teams

Break organizational boundaries by facilitating 24/7 collaboration in simulation among different departments with a common web repository for sharing knowledge and best practices.

Accelerate time-to-market

Reduce engineering turnaround time and achieve product performance improvements with an efficient web environment to undertake Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) at enterprise level.

On-premises and cloud deployment

ESTECO professional service provides infrastructure setup and, consequently, reduces time and costs of deployment into your existing IT environment.

Link simulation to business process

Map and execute business processes. Deliver tasks to the right people at the right time, from single domain experts to decision makers. Invoke the run of simulation workflows automatically from the business process.

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