Advanced design automation with modeFRONTIER & nTop platform

nTopology advanced design automation with modeFRONTIER

This webinar demonstrates the added value of integrating nTop platform with modeFRONTIER Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) software through nTopCL to act as an unbreakable generative geometry node. This opens up new and unique possibilities for advanced engineering design exploration.

Gaurish Sharma of ESTECO and Evan Pilz of nTopology show how to set up, run, and evaluate the results of an automated Topology Optimization DoE to identify a truly optimal solution.


  • Automate DoE in modeFRONTIER and pass design parameters to nTop Platform

  • Generate part geometry using topology optimization and automated post-processing

  • Evaluate the results in ANSYS and select the best design using statistical methods

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