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HPC and Cloud

Distribute computational workload across different platforms to speed up your design process, with smart use of your hardware and software resources.

HPC and Cloud technology

Executing design optimization studies and complex simulations comes with heavy computational loads that may slow down the entire design process.

The capability to easily configure, monitor and manage local and remote resources makes the difference. With our distributed execution technology for HPC and Cloud, you can automatically distribute the computational workload through grid computing, HPC systems, internal and external cloud services.

Cut simulation execution time

HPC and Cloud run process

Run your processes faster

Reduce the computational time required to run simulations, explore the design space or apply optimization strategies. With the smart use of all available computing resources, you can partition heavy workloads into smaller tasks and dramatically reduce the overall turnaround time.

HPC and Cloud computing resources

Make the most of your computing resources

Connect your IT assets and save money. Make the best use of third party software licenses, use computational resources of different machines during off-peak hours and efficiently execute workflows requiring different operating systems.

HPC and Cloud secure environment

Keep your data in a secure environment

Communicate with distributed resources, both local and remote, through standard and secure communication protocols. Execute your project in your own security context and keep your data safe.

HPC and Cloud monitor results

Monitor resources and results

Control your project run in real time. Get a complete view of the state of the execution and of the usage of computational resources. Don’t wait for the entire execution to be finished and see run-time results as soon as a task is completed.

Tailored for your company needs

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If your product development process involves multiple teams across the company, VOLTA enterprise platform offers a flexible and secure distributed execution environment. Let the IT department keep full control over computing resources by managing execution servers and queues, while design teams focus on engineering projects and results. VOLTA allocates available resources in a dynamic and transparent way, including enterprise HPCs or private and public cloud, and enables a smart use of simulation software assets.

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When you’re setting and running an MDO project from your desktop, you can accelerate the execution process by fully exploiting your workstation or running it on an integrated system of machines. Using modeFRONTIER as a design optimization tool, you can benefit from an advanced distributed execution technology. Run your workflow in parallel using all the cores of your workstation or access a local network to leverage software and computing resources on other machines.