Design better products faster

modeFRONTIER is the leading software solution for simulation process automation and design optimization.

Master engineering complexity and speed up product development

When you want to get on the fast track to the best design solution while balancing multiple conflicting constraints, modeFRONTIER is the design optimization software you can rely on to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and cut development time.

With modeFRONTIER, you can manage the logical steps of your engineering design process, perform design space exploration and search for the optimal solution efficiently and faster.

modeFRONTIER design better

Design better products

Explore your design space, analyze your results and find the optimal solution. Rely on our state-of-the-art optimization algorithms, DOE and RSM techniques to drive innovation in your engineering project.

modeFRONTIER deliver results

Deliver results on time

Streamline and accelerate your engineering process, and run multiple simulations automatically to reach the best solution in less time.

modeFRONTIER maximize

Maximize your simulation resources

Easily perform seamless integration with any parametric solver and create complex multidisciplinary chains.

modeFRONTIER increase performance

Increase performance

Evaluate thousands of designs simultaneously and focus on your engineering goal, rather than on configuration tasks.

modeFRONTIER reduce computational time

Reduce computational time

Distribute the workload by running your models through grid computing, HPC systems and cloud services, and reduce the overall turnaround time.

modeFRONTIER helped achieve five-star Euro NCAP for head protection.
Osamu ItoAssistant Chief Engineer, Technology Research DivisionHonda R&D Co. Ltd.
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