Develop higher performing propulsion systems, and improve ship and boat design with top range simulation and optimization technology.

marine industry

Digitalization of shipbuilding brings new challenges and opportunities to increase ship design efficiency and reduce emissions. Indeed, 3D design, simulation and data management tools are increasingly used to speed up the design and verification process, and deliver higher performing, safer and lower cost ships and boats.

Naval architects and marine engineers rely on our optimization driven technology to improve propellers performance and perfect the design of sailing boats.

marine industry

Optimizing America’s Cup sailing boats design

Marine Americas Cup

Sailing yachts have always represented fruitful ground for multidisciplinary design optimization. At the same time, sailing is an important element of local culture in our hometown headquarters located in Trieste, Italy. With these two factors combined, it is no surprise that challenges in this field have accompanied the development of ESTECO from the very beginning. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and American Magic teams rely on modeFRONTIER in the design and optimization of their boats.

What our customers do

Success story

American Magic

ESTECO technology played a key role in foil and sail design of their AC75 for the 36th America’s Cup.

Boat design
Success story

Azimut Benetti

Optimizing the design of a custom propeller for a high-speed Azimut Benetti 95 RPH yacht.