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Business Process Management

Break down silos across departments, capture information and drive optimal decision making.

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While most organizations have well-established best practices, engineering design processes are sometimes not formally documented. This can create bottlenecks and a lack of transparency for those not directly involved. Without a representation of the flow of activities and data in place, decision makers struggle to access the key product design metrics. In this scenario, the lack of visibility and traceability exponentially increases the time spent looking for the right data.

With our business process management technology, companies can map, formalize and execute simulation-driven product development processes, maximizing the enterprise-wide flow of engineering data. Information flows across domains, reaching the right people at the right time and minimizing effort and productivity bottlenecks.

Map and execute engineering design processes

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Get high-level view of the process

Benefit from a Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN 2.0) workflow editor to map your business process. Achieve complete transparency of the existing practices which your company has in place, spot inefficiencies and implement improvements.

BPM integrate

Integrate simulation workflows

Invoke the run of simulation workflows from service tasks included in the business processes. You can seamlessly execute simulation analysis chains and apply design space exploration strategies.

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Manage tasks and automate data flow

Execute business processes and assign tasks including data within a kanban board. People automatically receive the assigned user task and service tasks run exactly when needed.

Tailored for your company needs

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For companies who are at the forefront of using simulation to address increasing product complexity, one of the top priorities is to rely on a digital infrastructure that enables model integration and interconnectivity across departments. With business process management tools available in VOLTA enterprise platform, you can map a set of activities inside your organization and translate them into an actionable business process workflow. In particular, you can streamline repeatable user tasks, automatically invoke the run of a simulation workflow, and track the activity of each single engineering analyst. This enables your organization to get the full view of the process, align interaction between management, engineering, and simulation departments, and speed up the product development.