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Companies worldwide struggle to find qualified Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) employees to drive innovation in the simulation based product development process. Moreover, the usage of optimization becomes more and more mandatory when it comes to creating better designs through simulation.

With ESTECO Academy, we equip educators to teach students how to approach multidisciplinary engineering problems using modeFRONTIER optimization software together with other simulation tools. PhD and postgraduate students can also benefit from our optimization-driven technology to foster innovation in their research projects.

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Provide your students a first-hand experience with a professional optimization tool and help them achieve new skills in engineering simulation that employers are looking for. Contact us to know more about our academic offer for classes.

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Improve your research work in the engineering field with modeFRONTIER design exploration and optimization capabilities. Find out how you can access our optimization tool.

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University projects

Are you a student eager to learn the ins and outs of optimization?

Get this form signed by your academic advisor and start using modeFRONTIER for master thesis or within your university racing team.

Partnered with more than 200 Universities worldwide

Forward-thinking professors around the world rely on modeFRONTIER optimization software when teaching students how to approach numerical design optimization methods. These include Design of Experiment (DOE), optimization strategies, algorithms categories

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“Purdue University Engineering College is excited to provide its researchers and students with access to the modeFRONTIER optimization software”.
Andrea VaccaAssociate Professor, Maha Fluid Power Research CenterPurdue University
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Featured academic success stories

Delft success story
Success story

Delft University of Technology

Optimizing commercial aircraft designs to use aviation fuels

Aprilia moto
Success story

Micheal Bambula (University of Florida)

Design of a 4 stroke single cylinder engine through multidisciplinary optimization.

Success story

Delft University of Technology

High-Rise Office Building achieves zero energy use with design optimization technology

hyperloopupv general
Success story

Universitat Politecnica de Valencia

Optimizing a levitating rail-free pod design for SpaceX Hyperloop Design Competition

hi seas
Success story

Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation

modeFRONTIER helped the astronaut-like researchers develop system models for sustainable living on Mars.

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Fill this form and find out how to try modeFRONTIER software and buy academic licenses for teaching or research purposes. Sponsorship opportunities are also available for your master thesis or university racing team challenges.

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