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Simulation Data Analytics

Turn data into valuable insights to make informed decisions, with advanced post-processing analysis tools.

Simulation Data Analytics technology

Design exploration and optimization studies produce large amounts of data and handling such information volumes effectively can be a challenge.

With our state-of-the-art tools for simulation data visualization, you can plot data on design charts (such as Parallel Coordinates, Bubble, Correlation and Scatter Matrix charts), quickly identify relevant metrics and get useful insights. You can also benefit from a wide set of advanced tools (such as Sensitivity Analysis, Statistical Distribution, Multi-Criteria Decision Making or Response Surface Models) to perform post-process analysis, data mining and make informed decisions.

Collect, visualize and analyze data

Data analytics focus

Focus on important information

Display data into interactive charts to identify correlations and patterns. Use different analysis and visualization tools side by side to get context and insights while leaving unnecessary information out.

Data analytics decisions

Make data-driven decisions

Allow decision makers in your company to easily understand simulation data. Let them access product performance metrics to quickly compare the effectiveness of the optimization strategy and decide on design solutions.

Data analytics problem complexity

Reduce problem complexity

Keep all your analysis data in one place and gain a better understanding into complex datasets. Transform data into actionable insights that every user can access to predict the optimal next step of the design iteration.

Tailored for your company needs

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When your product development process involves multiple teams with different expertise, sharing the optimization results in a clear way and in real time is essential to cultivate knowledge and improve the decision-making process. With our enterprise web platform VOLTA, you can benefit from a web-based analytics tool to easily visualize simulation data, generate interactive reports and share them within your company.

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When running one or more design exploration strategies, being able to compare and analyze results is essential to make informed decisions for your product development project. modeFRONTIER, our desktop solution for design optimization, is equipped with the most advanced post-processing tools. They help you collect all numerical data that are saved in tables and transform them into graphs and charts you can easily understand.