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Response Surface Models

Instantly predict and improve the behavior of complex designs while saving time and computational resources.

Response Surface Model

Assessing the behavior of complex designs often requires a large number of simulations, which can be both time consuming and computationally expensive.

When a simulation based on real-physics models would not be affordable in terms of computational time, you can rely on our Response Surface Models (RSM) techniques to get an instant and accurate insight into the relationship between a set of parameters and one or more design objectives. You can quickly build an effective meta-model based on your dataset, validate its accuracy and use it to perform your RSM-based optimization.

Estimate errors, describe complex problems, validate data

RSM predict accurately

Predict accurately

Take advantage of our rich set of Machine Learning algorithms to build reliable Response Surface Models to accurately analyze and simulate complex real world systems.

RSM design space

Explore your design space faster

Run a limited number of designs and rely on our accurate Response Surface Models as a surrogate for time-intensive simulations and fast-run the optimization process.

RSM actionable models

Turn data into actionable models

Fully interpret your dataset by building on top of it a mathematical actionable model and use it for further improvements.

Tailored for your company needs

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When you’re working in enterprise-wide product development projects, being able to capitalize on other experts’ knowledge is essential to take the most out of collaboration. With our web platform VOLTA, you can benefit from full control over RSM creation and quality and, at the same time, share your predictive models to others for visualization and analysis. Response Surface Models can be saved and updated whenever required and made available in real-time, further improving process efficiency.

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When you’re dealing with heavy simulation processes, you can take them one step further and replace workflow-based automation with the RSM technique available in modeFRONTIER, our desktop solution for design optimization. With our RSM tool, you can easily build numerical models based on your dataset, use them to predict system response to an unknown configuration and perform a virtual optimization.