Manage all logic steps of your engineering design process directly from your desk.

If you are working on a design project within a small team, you may still benefit from a desktop paradigm to automate any simulation process, run on the top optimization algorithms and visualize results. modeFRONTIER, our desktop solution for process automation and design optimization, is designed for that.

A flexible, modular-based optimization environment

Depending on the step of the engineering problem at hand, you can access modeFRONTIER desktop solution functionalities. Focus on specific sets of design optimization and integration practices according to your expertise and needs for the simulation-driven product development.


Set workflow automation

Integrate the different physics domains involved in your Multidisciplinary Design Optimization studies and create efficient workflows to be executed.


Plan design exploration and optimization

Create and customize your own optimization strategy or rely on our autonomous approach. No need to set any parameters - it automatically seeks optimum solutions minimizing the number of iterations required.


Gain valuable insights from the data space

Show data using sophisticated and interactive charts, train RSMs (Response Surface Methods), or exploit other advanced post-processing tools (Multi-Variate Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Multi-Criteria Decision Making).

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