Evaluate new energy concepts and maximize the efficiency in power management networks.

Energy industry

Energy industry has been experiencing a challenging moment to meet the ever-increasing global energy demand. Companies need solutions to improve the efficiency in conversion of renewable energy into electrical power and optimize existing power generation technologies, while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Our technology for numerical optimization, Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) and data analytics supports oil & gas, wind, solar and biofuels companies in their design challenges.

Energy industry

What our customers do

GASVESSEL cylinder
Success story

Gasvessel Consortium

Our technology was used for the lightweight optimization of a transportation system for compressed natural gas.

Success story


modeFRONTIER was used for the optimization of the semi-submersible platform and of the mooring system.

Tre wind turbines
Success story

Tozzi Renewable Energy

Using modeFRONTIER, TRE could achieve the optimal thermal distribution, guaranteeing an effective sealing process for photovoltaic cells long-term stability.