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Expand the usage of simulation and optimization in the architectural projects. Explore and obtain innovative design solutions in a shorter time.


The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is under pressure to improve building performance, reliability and comfort while reducing operational costs and project timescales. As traditional design processes fail to address these challenges, the simulation-based generative design concept is a viable solution.

Our technology enables architects, structural and civil engineers to evaluate the impact of their design decisions with fewer iterations. In particular, they can run multiple requirement-led simulations and optimize project-wide build parameters to expedite the best design solution.


Unlock the potential of Generative Design

Architecture engineering construction generative design

The AEC industry has much to gain from simulation and modeling, where the concept of generative design is a highly beneficial solution. This frees architects and engineers from many manual tasks and gives them a broader range of possibilities to explore. Learn how our solutions help automate 3D modeling, optimize build geometries and gain comprehensive insights into the impact of their design choices on building performance.

What our customers do

Takenaka VOLTA
Success story

Takenaka Corporation

From integration to collaboration with VOLTA Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) platform.

Success story

Delft University of Technology

High-Rise Office Building achieves zero energy use with design optimization technology