Accelerate industrial digitalization and innovate the design process across different industries, with digital engineering solutions.


Automotive and Ground Transportation

Validate automotive design, autonomous and e-mobility system with our technology.



Streamline Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) processes and keep costs under control throughout aircraft development.


Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Expand the usage of simulation and optimization in the architectural projects. Explore and obtain innovative design solutions in a shorter time.


Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment

Improve performance and shorten development cycles while reducing costs.

All industries marine card


Develop higher performing propulsion systems, and improve ship and boat design with top range simulation and optimization technology.

All industries energy card


Evaluate new energy concepts and maximize the efficiency in power management networks.



Make the most of simulation to deliver safe and reliable medical devices and reduce expensive prototypes and experiments.


Consumer Goods

Predict and optimize product performance for appliance, sport equipment and food production companies.

All industries eletronics card


Optimize product designs and deliver electronic devices that are competitive in terms of performance, serviceability and cost effectiveness.

Featured Customer Stories

Delft success story
Success story

Optimizing commercial aircraft designs to use future aviation fuels

Optimizing commercial aircraft designs to use aviation fuels

Hyundai success story
Success story

Hyundai streamlines Genesis luxury sedan's conceptual design

Learn how ESTECO world-class engineering software helped Hyundai Motor Group R&D optimize the vehicle architecture trade-offs.

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