Make simulation accessible across the enterprise

VOLTA is an innovative enterprise platform for Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) and Design Optimization.

Architected for Simulation-Driven Product Development

Our VOLTA platform enables enterprise teams to trace all cross-functional design steps, integrate multiple modeling formats, easily perform simulation executions, share and re-use engineering knowledge for conscious decision making and innovative product development.

VOLTA data manager
VOLTA Data Manager

Access, organize and share engineering knowledge via web

Make simulation accessible to a broader audience, enabling geographically dispersed teams to anticipate design changes and accelerate the innovation process.

  • Collaborate in a web environment.
  • Share information in a secure environment.
  • Communicate with external apps through VOLTA APIs.
VOLTA mF workflow
modeFRONTIER Technology

Manage the simulation process from a single workflow

Benefit from the ESTECO process automation capabilities by coupling modeFRONTIER software within the VOLTA environment.

  • Link together any CAD/CAE software and in-house codes in modeFRONTIER powerful workflow.
  • Seamlessly execute simulation analysis chains and perform optimization studies.
  • Make simulation models accessible and actionable via web with VOLTA.
VOLTA planner
VOLTA Planner

Evolve your design optimization experience

Perfect your design from a web browser. Rely on a single environment where you can perform design exploration and optimization, and collaborate with other teams on the same design project.

  • Modular interface to easily apply several optimization studies.
  • Quickly set up Design of Experiments (DoE), Response Surface Models (RSM) and optimization strategies.
  • Directly execute simulations without necessarily dealing with the process automation complexity.
VOLTA player
VOLTA Player

Maximize your computing usage

Monitor and manage local and remote computer resources to run complex simulations and make the best of your IT investments.

  • Reduce lead time with a smart use of computing resources.
  • Execute simulations in parallel on heterogeneous ICT infrastructure.
  • Exploit multi-core workstations, HPC clusters and public clouds.
VOLTA advisor
VOLTA Advisor

Identify relevant performance metrics

Turn data into valuable insights with VOLTA Advisor. The advanced post-processing tool equipped with web-based interactive charts enables you to make informed decisions.

  • Handle thousand of data with a wide array of easy-to-use web-based analytics and visualization tools.
  • Filter out information and prepare reports with multiple interactive and synchronized dashboards.
  • Quickly compare the effectiveness of the optimization strategy and decide on design solutions.
VOLTA modeler
VOLTA Modeler

Map business processes for simulation-driven product development

Rely on a Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0) editor to standardize processes and enforce best practices across company departments.

  • Get high-level view of the process
  • Invoke the run of a simulation workflow automatically from the business process to perform design space exploration
  • Execute BPMN models in VOLTA Process Manager
VOLTA process manager
VOLTA Process Manager

Execute business processes directly from a web interface

Handle process sequence and deliver tasks to the right assignee at the right time.

  • Run processes contained in the BPMN model
  • Keep track of every action performed during the process execution
  • Spot process inefficiencies and implement improvements
“With VOLTA, our designers and engineers can now access to the simulation results in one click and collaboratively take decisions without only relying on siloed reports of data."
Toru InabaComputational Design GroupTakenaka Corporation
VOLTA Takenaka quote