Alberto Clarich

Head of Engineering Team

Alberto Clarich is Head of Engineering Team at ESTECO and member of NAFEMS Italy Steering Commitee. He received a PhD in “Innovative Parameterisation and Optimisation Methodologies in Aeronautic Field”, University of Trieste (2003), in collaboration with Dassault Aviation, having a background as Mechanical Engineer. He begun working at ESTECO in 2004 as Optimization expert.

Blog post

Instantly predict design behavior with Python based Response Surface Models

Written by Riccardo Di Meo , Alessandro Viola , Alberto Clarich, Danilo Di Stefano Nov 29 2022 · 5 min read
Python RSM bridge in modeFRONTIER is a very effective way of dealing with complexity, at any level, when creating RSM models.
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modeFRONTIER PyCONSOLE sketched user interface with python-based data analysis
Blog post

pyCONSOLE: a Python-based Data Intelligence environment integrated in an Engineering MDO framework

Written by Alberto Clarich Aug 25 2021 · 8 min read
Every design engineer working on a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization project frequently needs to integrate data analysis within the MDO process in a custom way, either in a preliminary phase of the design or in the final decision-making process.
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port crane loading containers on a cargo ship
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How collaborative multidisciplinary optimization can improve efficiency and maximize profits in ship design

Written by Alberto Clarich Jan 17 2020 · 7 min read
Ship design has been changing very fast over the past years, just like any other engineering field, to keep pace with technological innovations and competitors in the market.
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