Marco Turchetto

Product Manager

Marco Turchetto is the Product Manager of VOLTA. He worked as a Test Specialist at FCA before moving on to managing torsional vibrations of ship engines. He joined ESTECO in 2016 as a support engineer. He's been managing VOLTA since 2019.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence represented in the form of a women head facing a data flow.
Blog post

Machine Learning accelerates the simulation design process

Written by Marco Turchetto, Alessandro Viola Apr 20 2021 · 5 min read
The idea behind Machine Learning is that systems can learn from data, identify patterns on their own and make decisions with minimal human intervention. The same applies to engineering and CAE-based product design where ML provides a real benefit to simulation-based computer experiments.
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Network of interconnected dots illustrating data complexity to drive decisions in engineering design
Blog post

From meaningless numbers to data-driven decisions in engineering product design

Written by Nela Lazarevic , Marco Turchetto Dec 2 2020 · 8 min read
The biggest challenge with data today isn’t how to handle it technically. Rather, it's about turning data into valuable insights necessary to predict the optimal next step of the design iteration.
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