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AVT-354 Multi-Fidelity Methods for Military Vehicle Design

26 - 28 Sep 2022

The research workshop on "Multi-Fidelity Methods for Military Vehicle Design" will be in Varna, Bulgaria, from 26 to 28 September.

Alberto  Clarich, Head of Engineering and Support, will present "Design Optimization based on Metamodels combining Multi-fidelity simulations". The authors of this presentation are Alberto Clarich, Luca Battaglia, Lucia Parussini, Haysam Taleb, and Angela Scardigli (ESTECO Spa, Università degli Studi di Trieste, Optimad Srl).

This presentation illustrates how multi-fidelity metamodels can be efficiently applied to save time and costs in parametric design optimization, which normally requires to simulate a large number of designs. Datasets of high fidelity (HF) and middle-low fidelity (LF) simulations, obtained for instance from models having grids of different accuracy, can be used together to feed the surrogate model, improving the accuracy of the response function prediction and reducing the overall computational cost at the same time.
The methodologies proposed in this paper include adaptive Design of Experiments algorithms to define the optimal dataset of design simulations, and efficient multi-fidelity surrogate models for scalar fields (Cokriging) and vector fields (Reduced Order Models), which are fully integrated in modeFRONTIER and VOLTA design environment platforms. The methodologies are applied to CFD (airfoil and vehicle) applications.

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