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ESTECO Workshop at SimAUD 2021

Apr 15, 2021 7:00 AM - Apr 17, 2021 4:00 PM CEST

On 15 April 2021 at 2 PM (EST), we're going to host a virtual technical workshop during the 12th annual Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD). The workshop, titled "Democratization and Knowledge Management of a Simulation-based Design Process using core tenets of SPDM and Analytics" and led by ESTECO North America Senior Application Engineer, Adarsh Elango, is meant for designers, architects, building physics engineers and energy modelers.

As simulation and modeling capability matures, the impact of simulation is felt across the lifecycle of designing from early-stage conceptualization to smart buildings. Adoption of simulation further leads to a more holistic approach where architects, designers, structural engineers and energy simulation engineers are all involved in the decision-making process using simulation as a backbone.

In this 3-hour workshop we showcase the use of web-based collaboration and simulation data management platform VOLTA, to democratize virtual design development workflows. The platform provides the users with analytical techniques like optimization and Machine Learning, to generate value from the simulations and simulation data. We further explore an easy no-code way of creating a web app to democratize simulation models for access and execution through a light front-end web app.

In the workshop, we highlight these concepts using a Grasshopper model doing radiance and daylight analysis.

Registrations are open on the event website.