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NAFEMS Automotive Seminar

7 Dec 2022
Troy, Michigan, USA

The seminar "Simulation in the Automotive Industry: Driving Convergence to Electrification, Autonomous and Connectivity" will be held in Troy, Michigan on 7 December 2022.

ESTECO is sponsor of the event and Nachiket Kasarekar, from ESTECO North America, will also present "Optimization of a High-Power Electric Traction Machine".

The design of a multi-layer Synchronous Reluctance Machine (SynRM) is very challenging due to the number of constraints and possible design variables. In this study, they start with introducing the SynRM, the importance of SynRM in transportation electrification strategies and associated design challenges. They dive deep into, initial sizing, design layout and design approach for these types of motors and address the design trade-offs that engineers face during application.

Topics presented and discussed at this conference will address various questions, such us electrification and Autonomous vehicle/ADAS Simulation technologies.