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NAFEMS Italia | Teoria e applicazioni dell'Ottimizzazione numerica

11 Nov 2022 | 1 PM CET

The focus of this webinar organized by NAFEMS Italia is Numerical Optimization and it's taking place on 11 November from 2 to 3 PM CEST.

During the webinar our Head of Engineering Services and Support, Alberto Clarich, is going to present the basis of numerical optimization with some case studies, to answer the question "Can numerical optimization makes the designing process more efficient?"


Welcome and Introductions - Giuseppe Romano NAFEMS Italia Regional Representative

  • Introduzione all’Ottimizzazione Numerica con concetti base ed applicazioni in ambito industriale - Alberto Clarich -ESTECO
  • Round table and Q&A session
  • Next events and goodbyes

Alberto Clarich

Head of Engineering and Support

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