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NAFEMS Seminar: Improving the Impact of Engineering Simulation 2018

Jan 25, 2018
Gaydon, UK

The NAFEMS Seminar, taking place on 25th January, 2018 in Gaydon, UK, focuses on benefits of virtual engineering for the project development and on the next steps to ensuring quality delivery through simulations.

During the seminar, ESTECO's Alexandre Mugnai will present a paper "Reliability Analysis and Optimization of ADAS Systems" by Alexandre Mugnai, Alberto Clarich (ESTECO), Diego Minen, Guido Bairati (VI Grade). In this paper, VI-Grade and modeFRONTIER software are integrated for the reliability analysis of a ADAS system, proving how fault tolerance can be identified and optimized for any combination of the control system and traffic scenario.

ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems ) systems are being widely introduced by all automotive companies to reduce the number of accidents and casualties. Having to meet strict requirements for a wide range of traffic scenarios, disturbances, and faults, the costs for testing and evaluation of an automotive control system are increasing and may take up to 50% of the total development costs. 
Therefore, it is mandatory to develop accurate numerical simulations of ADAS control systems, integrated with sensors and actuators, vehicle dynamics, inter-vehicle behavior and microscopic traffic environment. This underlines the need to take model uncertainty into account during the design and simulation process of the control system, identifying uncertain parameters such as vehicle distances/velocities, controllers perturbations, unpredictable events such as pedestrian crossing or driver violations.

Don't miss the presentation from ESTECO: "Reliability Analysis and Optimization of ADAS Systems"

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Title: Reliability Analysis and Optimization of ADAS Systems
Speaker: Alexandre Mugnai


Alexandre Mugnai

Business Developer Manager