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Accelerate Aircraft Design with Model-based Design Automation and Collaborative MDO

Jun 10, 2020 | 2:00 PM CEST

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ESTECO webinar pace

ESTECO and TXT company PACE will host a joint webinar on 10 June 2020 at 4:00PM CEST, demonstrating the added value of combining their technologies for a server-based optimization of an EXPEDITE (EXPanded MDO for Effectiveness Based DesIgn TEchnologies) derived preliminary aircraft design.

Taking an EXPEDITE-like modern aircraft conceptual design as a baseline, the webinar will initially showcase the advantages of creating a smart, reconfigurable aircraft model with PACE's preliminary aircraft design platform Pacelab APD and integrating it in modeFRONTIER parametric optimization to identify the optimum solutions, based on constraints and performance requirements.

Engineers at ESTECO and PACE will also conduct a live demo using VOLTA web collaborative platform for MDO. This scales up simulation to a broader audience (domain expert, chief engineer, manager to name a few), enabling, for instance, an expert to quickly set up or modify the aircraft design model and then run an optimization that can be accessed online by a colleague or manager in a different geographic location for further processing or iteration with the expert, all version controlled from a single repository.


Overview of ESTECO and TXT company PACE
Case study > EXPEDITE-like modern aircraft conceptual design project
Coupling Pacelab APD preliminary aircraft design platform with modeFRONTIER
Live demo > Aircraft Design with PACE Model-based technology and VOLTA web collaborative platform for MDO
Q&A session


Roel Van De Velde - Director AS&D, ESTECO North America
Adarsh Elango - Application Engineer, ESTECO North America
Alexander Schneegans - Managing Partner, PACE GmbH - a TXT company
Mathias Emeneth - Director Business Development, PACE America, Inc.