Formula 1 front wing composite material Multi Objective Optimization using Ansa, μeta and modeFRONTIER

In this webinar ​ESTECO and BETA CAE present the successful integration of their technologies to optimize the weight and the angle of attack of a Formula 1 front wing through a two-step approach​.

Roel Van De Velde from ESTECO and Dimitrios Drougkas from BETA CAE Systems S.A. illustrate a project where a remarkable improvement in a Formula 1 front wing through ANSA / μETA pre- and post- processing suite​ and modeFRONTIER optimization analysis was achieved.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • modeFRONTIER enhanced optimization and integration features
  • ANSA / μETA​ advanced features
  • How to integrate the software solutions and benefit from joint analysis​

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