Robust Design Optimization with modeFRONTIER 2016

Robust Design Optimization with modeFRONTIER 2016

​In this webinar Alberto Clarich (Technical Manager, ESTECO) presents the modeFRONTIER 2016 approach of dealing with uncertainties is based on Multi-Objective Robust Design Optimization (MORDO). This consists of investigating the noise factors in the neighborhood of a sample design with a given probability distribution.

While tackling optimization within manufacturing process, engineers face uncertainty with regards to design variables and problem parameters from various sources. These uncertainties impact the optimization process both in terms of reliability and in terms of robustness. Using modeFRONTIER, this case applied a multi-objective optimization algorithm to optimize mean values while minimizing their variations.


  • Theory and real world applications about Robust Design and Polynomial Chaos
  • Efficient methodologies for large number of uncertainties
  • Robust Design Optimization and Reliability-based Optimization

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