Shroud Design Exploration using PowerFLOW integrated with modeFRONTIER

Ditch Witch* ESTECO shroud design exploration using powerflow integrated with modeFRONTIER

This webinar, cohosted by ESTECO and EXA Corporation in 2017, presents the successful integration of PowerFLOW simulation technology in the modeFRONTIER workflow to provide Ditch Witch® with valuable insight to guide the shroud design on one of its Vacuum Excavators.

Watch it to find out how Ditch Witch® have performed multiple analyses, by integrating EXA's PowerFLOW simulation technology into modeFRONTIER workflow, on their equipment to gain a deep understanding of how key design parameters impact performance and manufacturing costs – critical inputs for next-generation machine designs.


  • Overview of EXA and ESTECO
  • Focus on Simulation Driven Design Exploration > how to exploit PowerFLOW simulation software into modeFRONTIER workflow
  • Case study > Explore shroud design options to improve machine performance of a FX65 Vacuum Excavator

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