Dirk Zwemer

Intercax LLC

Dirk Zwemer, Ph.D. is the President and CEO of InterCAX LLC. He has led systems engineering projects with several organizations. Dr. Zwemer has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing industries with Bell Labs, Exxon, ITT, SRI Consulting, and other organizations. He is the author of three patents, multiple technical papers, trade journal articles, and market research reports. Before joining InterCAX, he held positions as VP Technology, VP Operations, and President of AkroMetrix LLC, a leader in mechanical test equipment and services for the global electronics industry. He received a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Dr. Zwemer is a certified OCSMP Model Builder.

Blog post

Better Business Decisions using Platforms for Digital Thread Engineering, SPDM and Design Optimization

Written by Dirk Zwemer Aug 4 2022 ยท 5 min read
The success of digital transformation in organizations developing complex products and systems hinges on rapidly connecting diverse data streams and models across lots of enterprise tools/services into digital threads.
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