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WCSMO-15 Cork 2023

5 - 9 Jun 2023
University College Cork - College Rd, University College, Cork, Ireland
WCSMO - 15 Cork 2023

This year ESTECO is attending the WCSMO-15 Cork 2023. The scope of WCSMO2023 ranges through mathematical foundations of optimization algorithms, software development case studies of practical applications in industry and emerging technologies. The focus is on research papers relating to the general topic of Design Optimization Applications in Industry encompassing disparate engineering disciplines.

In his presentation, Alberto Clarich, Head of Engineering and Support at ESTECO, is going to showcase the advantage of integrating Python libraries in the MDO process automation workflow of modeFRONTIER. He will present a couple of aeronautical applications to better illustrate this: Multi-fidelity Response Surfaces are used to save costs and time in design optimization, and Reduced Order Models are used to predict CFD fields by a reduced number of design simulations. The process automation workflow and the metamodel scripts are integrated in a single modeFRONTIER project, fully exploiting the new Python environment.

Highlighted Talks/Workshops

Title: Improving metamodels efficiency for MDO: multi-fidelity sampling and deep-learning ROM
Date & Time: Jun 5, 2023 | 9:00 AM IST
Speaker: Alberto Clarich


Alberto Clarich

Head of Engineering Team