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Optimizing the timing system on a small 2-wheeler engine with GT-Suite and modeFRONTIER
​This webinar hosted by ESTECO and Gamma Technologies illustrates the benefits of integrating their technologies by focusing on a real-world industrial case. Francesco Maiani from Piaggio & C., together with ESTECO and Gamma Technologies experts, speaks about the improvement of the timing system on a small 2-wheeler engine by leveraging GT-SUITE simulation capabilities and modeFRONTIER optimization analysis platform. Download the case study Watch this webinar to know more about: modeFRONTIER enhanced optimization and integration features GT-SUITE simulation advanced features How to integrate the software solutions and benefit from joint analysis
CubeSat satellite antenna array optimization with modeFRONTIER and CST STUDIO SUITE
This joint webinar demonstrates how to exploit the CST STUDIO SUITE electromagnetic simulation capabilities within modeFRONTIER and spot the best possible solution. Also, hear more about: modeFRONTIER enhanced integration features CST STUDIO SUITE 2014 features How to integrate the software and benefit from joint analysis
Multi-attribute vehicle performance optimization
The webinar demonstrates how the optimization can be done using the state of the art software technologies provided by ESTECO (modeFRONTIER) and Siemens (LMS Amesim) in an integrated approach. Multiple objectives are setup in order to analyze the right trade-off between fuel consumption and performance. A demonstration will show how to setup and execute this integrated modeling and optimization process.
Optimizing with modeFRONTIER and JMAG
This webinar, hosted jointly by ESTECO North America and Powersys Solutions, demonstrates how modeFRONTIER can optimize the Finite Element Design of an Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Electric Machine JMAG model through the direct integration node coupling the two tools.
Coupling modeFRONTIER and Sculptor
This webinar, hosted jointly by ESTECO and Optimal Solutions, provides a demonstration of the new interface between the **modeFRONTIER and Sculptor, including some relevant case studies where the direct coupling has been used.** Agenda: Introduction to ESTECO and modeFRONTIER Introduction to Optimal solutions and Sculptor Test case introduction The new interface between modeFRONTIER and Sculptor Test case: DOE and Optimization studies and results for F3 Race car
Using modeFrontier-TurboOPT II integration node to run FEA and CFD optimization studies
In this webinar, experts from CN and ESTECO gives a short presentation of the two software packages and demonstrate the process of integrating a TurboOPT II model with modeFRONTIER. Watch the webinar to learn more about the following 3 test cases: Axial fan blade section optimization using AxCent® and Pushbutton CFD® analysis Centrifugal pump multi-disciplinary optimization (MDO) with CFD and at design and off design conditions MDO of a compressor third stage impeller using CFD and FEA analysis