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Integrating modeFRONTIER with Enventive and ANSYS Workbench
ESTECO and Enventive Engineering Inc. present the integration of modeFRONTIER, Enventive®, and Ansys Workbench to optimize the shape of an electrical connector. ​In this webinar Alexander Duggan ( Senior Application Engineer, ESTECO) and Kristin Dawson (Product Manager, Enventive Engineering, Inc.) demonstrate using Enventive® to analyze variation of the forces and friction between a pin and connector, coupled with using Ansys Workbench to determine the stress in the connector as it is deflected by the pin. By integrating Enventive® and Ansys Workbench, modeFRONTIER can optimize design parameters to ensure that the pin insertion force and contact reaction force fulfill design requirements while ensuring that the stress in the connector component does not exceed the yield strength of the material. Agenda: ANSYS Workbench for finite element analysis (FEA) Enventive's force and dimentional variation analysis modeFRONTIER integration with Enventive and ANSYS Workbench
Robust Design Optimization with modeFRONTIER 2016
​In this webinar Alberto Clarich (Technical Manager, ESTECO) presents the modeFRONTIER 2016 approach of dealing with uncertainties is based on Multi-Objective Robust Design Optimization (MORDO). This consists of investigating the noise factors in the neighborhood of a sample design with a given probability distribution. While tackling optimization within manufacturing process, engineers face uncertainty with regards to design variables and problem parameters from various sources. These uncertainties impact the optimization process both in terms of reliability and in terms of robustness. Using modeFRONTIER, this case applied a multi-objective optimization algorithm to optimize mean values while minimizing their variations. Highlights: Theory and real world applications about Robust Design and Polynomial Chaos Efficient methodologies for large number of uncertainties Robust Design Optimization and Reliability-based Optimization
Complex Workflow Management with modeFRONTIER 2016
​In this webinar Alberto Clarich (Technical Manager, ESTECO) and Giulio Cassio (Application Engineer, ESTECO) demonstrate how modeFRONTIER provides new advanced features for project complexity handling: a dedicated panel for workflow setting (Workflow Global Properties), the Design Space Node, the improved Subprocess Node and many more. Watch it and learn how: Automate the execution of complex chains of preprocessing and simulation tools with modeFRONTIER. Take advantage of the very flexible workflow and the wide range of direct integration nodes for the most popular simulation tools. Optimize your design choosing among of innovative algorithms to determine the set of best possible solutions combining the complex set of opposing objectives.
Make your design optimization project run fast with modeFRONTIER and ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack
This webinar, cohosted by ESTECO and Ansys, demonstrates the benefits of using the new integration between Ansys HPC Parametric Pack and modeFRONTIER 2016 by presenting the results of two industrial application in the automotive field. Why watching this webinar? This webinar give insights on how to better leverage company's private cloud or HPC systems for faster simulation analysis. The case studies will show how to make the use of computational resources more efficient and save time with the joint use of the newly released modeFRONTER 2016 and ANSYS WB HPC Parametric Pack, that will make design optimization projects execute faster.​ ​​The first application was developed by BorgWarner Morse system and EnginSoft, dealing with the optimization of a tensioner arm. The second case study is aimed at improving the design of heat exchangers and part of an EU funded project, OptimHex.
Leveraging smart design exploration for resource-intensive CFD analysis with modeFRONTIER and EXA PowerFLOW
​This webinar presents a smart combination of modeFRONTIER with the PowerFLOW Suite.​​ ESTECO and Exa integrate their software platform to serve the automatic creation of highly accurate RSM models purpose. The combination of the adaptive sampling of the new modeFRONTIER ASF algorithm and the Exa's high-performance simulation and visual flow analysis tools leads engineers to an enhanced understanding of trends seen in the generation of new design options. Watch this webinar to learn more about: A smart filling strategy of ASF perfectly to create automatically of highly accurate RSM models purpose. How CFD analysts and designers can fully exploit the advanced prediction capability of Exa's PowerFLOW and obtain high-fidelity simulation of real-world flow conditions without compromising geometric detail for a smaller number of significant and better performing designs.
Spot on Response Surface Methods (RSM) in modeFRONTIER
In this webinar, Danilo Di Stefano (Product Manager at ESTECO) and Alberto Clarich (Technical Manager at ESTECO) demonstrate the newly added RSM Trainer Node, and how to combine it with the innovative Adaptive Space Filler (ASF) and other analytics tools in modeFRONTIER. RSM-based optimization is an excellent strategy to manage heavy simulation processes: by acting as surrogates of simulation models, RSMs let engineers fast-run the classic optimization process. Why watching this webinar? This webinar give insights on the advanced RSM capabilities included in modeFRONTIER Discover the new automation of RSM training and learn how to re-use the model both for the same workflow and other projects​​ Find out how the new Adaptive Space Filler combines state-of-the-art space filling strategies with the predictive ability of response surfaces. Get to know two real-world case studies leveraging modeFRONTIER RSM capabilities
Optimizing rear-seat restraint system considering a diverse population using Madymo and modeFRONTIER
​In this webinar ESTECO, TASS International and Jingwen Hu from the ​University of Michigan, as guest speaker, present the successful integration of their technologies to optimize a rear-seat restraint system considering a diverse population.​​​ Together they will present a project where the rear seat restraint systems was optimized for 6 to 12 year-old children, adults and infants through sled tests and computational simulations leveraging the integration within MADYMO and modeFRONTIER. Watch this webinar to learn more about: The integrated use of MADYMO and the optimization platform modeFRONTIER​ How modeFRONTIER and Madymo helped the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute biosciences group simultaneously improving the rear seat occupant protection for all age groups.
Formula 1 front wing composite material Multi Objective Optimization using Ansa, μeta and modeFRONTIER
In this webinar ​ESTECO and BETA CAE present the successful integration of their technologies to optimize the weight and the angle of attack of a Formula 1 front wing through a two-step approach​. Roel Van De Velde from ESTECO and Dimitrios Drougkas from BETA CAE Systems S.A. illustrate a project where a remarkable improvement in a Formula 1 front wing through ANSA / μETA pre- and post- processing suite​ and modeFRONTIER optimization analysis was achieved. Watch this webinar to learn more about: modeFRONTIER enhanced optimization and integration features ANSA / μETA​ advanced features How to integrate the software solutions and benefit from joint analysis​
Integrating Prescan with modeFRONTIER for test automation of active safety systems
This webinar, hosted by ESTECO and TASS International, illustrates the successful automation of Prescan test routines by combining it with modeFRONTIER. The Automated Emergency Braking use case - originally performed manually with Matlab - demonstrates how engineers can take advantage of modeFRONTIER workflow automation capabilities and speed up the test process. Watch this webinar to find out more about: modeFRONTIER enhanced automation and optimization features TASS software solution features How to integrate the software solutions and benefit from joint analysis
Aeroacoustic Optimization with PowerFLOW and modeFRONTIER at Jaguar Land Rover
This webinar, co-hosted by ESTECO and Exa Corporation, demonstrates the improvement of a side mirror aeroacoustic performance at Jaguar Land Rover, through PowerFLOW CFD simulation and modeFRONTIER optimization analysis. Watch it to know more about: modeFRONTIER enhanced optimization and integration features Exa PowerFLOW CFD simulation advanced features How to integrate the software solutions and benefit from joint analysis